12/15/14 07:58

Watching Anderson Cooper learn to meditate on 60 Minutes last night, I thought - as I did while watching him swim with crocodiles on the same show and, more recently on CNN, search for his roots in the American South - of his explanation as to why it took him so long to come out as gay. It was because, as a reporter, he never thought the story should be about him.

(I'm off to Nazareth, Pennsylvania, for a few days.)

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don't ask

12/12/14 08:39

At an event last night I mentioned to a woman that I was a writer.

"Are you writing the Great American Novel?" she asked.

And I immediately wondered who hates that question more: Writers of fiction or writers of nonfiction?

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plus ca change

12/11/14 08:18

Brand new computer, same old spam.

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raspy chairman

12/10/14 08:06

Dylan singing Sinatra songs is going to be like Jackson Pollock painting Rembrandts.

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A few weeks ago I received an email from an editor at a large New York magazine saying that he had come across my writing and was hoping that I could possibly do something for his magazine. This weekend he wrote to tell me he'd been laid off.

On a brighter note, I was quoted in yesterday's New York Times Book Review.

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12/05/14 08:21

Going to bed feeling sick and waking up feeling fine.

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