Last night I turned off the TV and read Elizabeth Tallent in The Best American Essays 2014. In the third paragraph - in which she describes her 50s father - I came upon this line: "His hair memorized its side part."

There's great writing on television. But there's no writing like that on television.

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11/25/14 08:18

The sorrow and the pity.

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"These are comic pieces," Richard Ford said Saturday at the Miami Book Fair International, before reading from his new book, Let Me Be Frank. Then he immediately expressed his belief that "if nothing is humorous then nothing is serious."

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The waitress at Gran Forno asked if I wanted chicken with my caprese salad. Caprese salad. I asked her if wait staff were instructed to try to get customers to order more expensive dishes.

She explained that it was also in her best interest. "I get a bigger tip," she said, then added that some diners are actually pleased to learn that they can add meat to a salad. Foreigners, I thought, probably Europeans unused to accommodating kitchens.

After I finished my salad, the waitress returned. "Would you like anything else?" she asked. "Dessert? Coffee? Coffee with chicken?"

I gave her a good tip.

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11/20/14 08:44

There are two advantages to wearing the same style of glasses for 40 years. People you haven't seen for ages say you haven't changed. And hipsters tell you they like your glasses.

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Now that the ATP and WTA seasons are over, I have a question: At home, when tennis players emerge from the shower, do their spouses/partners rush up to them with towels?

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