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10/21/14 07:42

It took Hania three hours to get home from Boynton Beach last night because of two accidents on I-95.

"On the bright side," I told her, "it could have happened last week during the pledge drive."

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Richard Rodriguez wrote yesterday in the New York Times: "I am a writer in a city where nobody carries a book."

He lives in San Francisco.

But they do carry smartphones. "I find," he wrote, "that I am looking at a city that doesn't look back."

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missing something?

10/17/14 07:25

Sitting atop a table at my local Barnes & Noble are the new Best American Short Stories, Best American Essays, Best American Sports Writing and Best American Mystery Writing.

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10/16/14 08:21

Yesterday evening on the NBC Nightly News the head of the CDC was quoted as saying that people who care for Ebola patients should not "undergo travel."

"Do you 'undergo' travel?" Hania asked.

"Not really. You 'undergo' torture," I said, not immediately realizing the increased similarity between the two activities.

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going, going...

10/15/14 07:28

At this point, even the most diehard FSU fans must be counting the days until Winston goes pro.

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At Books & Books in Coral Gables on Saturday afternoon, Pamela Druckerman delineated the various ways that the French are superior parents and then, reluctantly, addressed the piece she wrote for the New York Times that basically called Miami a cultural and intellectual wasteland.

Actually, she didn't address it. She read a list of the things she loves about Miami, and then spoke about its economic inequalities.

A few hours later, Hania and I found ourselves on Lincoln Road. It was crowded with people - couples, teens, families, young parents pushing strollers - all enjoying the balmy evening. Some carried shopping bags; no one walked with a book. There were smiles and frequent peals of laughter - more than you'll find on Boulevard St. Germain. We may not be more intellectual than Parisians - or even Portlanders - but we're more joyful.

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